How to tell your mother you spent all of your money and need money.?

So it sounds bad, but I spent all the money I made with ups on stuff for me myself and i. And now I need actual money for uber to get to my job, hoe do I put it gently to my mom without her blowing her top? Help would be appreciated.

Best Answer:

Dick: Tell her you messed up. Tell her you're going to sell the stuff because it was a lap of judgement but really aren't that irresponsible.

Other answer:

I know of a reliable loan company that can give you loan.

This is no joke.
They are perfect and they are legit

you should have thought of that before you got all that stuff for yourself
if you don't have the money to pay to get to work find another way to get to work, like walking
There is no good way. Stop being so selfish and add some financial responsibility to your daily life.
You ask for the money and if your mother is a smart woman she won't give it to you. You do not deserve it. Get a damn job and save up for it yourself. Show some sense of responsibility.
Do you really think it's unreasssonable for her to be mad at you?
You sound so irresponsible.
Yo ma, it's all gon.

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