How to transfer 30000 dollars from canada to somewhere else in the world?

My bank is CIBC here in Canada. Suppose i write a check of 30000 dollars to a person living in India, will that person be able to cash it at whatever bank they hold an account in India? What other ways are there to do this. I only know of western union where they don't allow more than a 1000 dollar transfer.

Best Answer:

YKhan: A Canadian cheque won't work in India. You would need to send them a wire transfer or a money order through your bank to their bank. Another way to send it would be through Western Union or something else similar to that. WU would charge a bit of a transaction fee for it too, so it would have to be more than $30,000 that you would have to give.

Other answer:

There are a few ways to electronically transfer $CDN 30,000 for much less. Your bank can explain how it can be done for way less. Also, they may have a "correspondent" bank in India that can honor your check in either Canadian or Indian money.

PS: You will need to know your Indian person's bank name, routing number, and account number.

Donald B:
Wire it to the Indian bank.
Your bank in Canada could wire transfer the money directly into the account of the person in India. You would need to know what bank and the account number.

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