I am 65. I plan to retire at 70. Can I start getting social security on my x-husband s social security now?

Best Answer:

Beth: Not right now, but when you reach your full retirement age.

(Assuming you meet all the other requirements to receive that benefit)

Other answer:

Look it up yourself its common knowledge that under certain circumstances the ex spouse is entitled to SS benefits from ex spouse
if he is entitled to his benefits so are you if you qualify as his ex spouse
Kathy S:
If he's currently collecting ss and you were married at least 19 years
If you were married at least 10 years and are still unmarried, you can claim half his SS benefits and he can claim half of yours. I wouldn't expect big windfall from it unless he made significantly more since he'll likely file for half of yours as soon as you file on his. They are sort of considered an extension of your benefits so you can't claim them if you are not retiring yourself from what I understand, however you should call and ask the SSA.
Pick This:
Check at ssa.gov – it's not their job to keep information secret. Ask there.
you cant if he is less than 61
Divorced? Maybe I am ignorant but after divorce, why would you be entitled at all? Explain.

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