I am a store director of a Albertsons store so which Rolex would make me look like im Lord over my peasants especially the stupid checkers?

The peasants should know whom to recognize and worship since they beg for raises and hours. The ones that dont bow down get hours cut to 4 to 8 hour a week so I put them in their place easily.

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You clearly know nothing about being a director. Your job depends on them. You are easier to replace than they are. In fact, at most companies if 1/3 of the executive staff died in a plane crash it would make little difference at all. However, the loss of just a few engineers would cripple the average American company.

You are obviously under 25, or you would not talk like a douche like you do. If you wear a Rolex everyone will think you are gay. Rolex are common for young gay men. That is what everyone will think if you are not old enough to have grey hair.

You are clearly clueless, and do not know what I am talking about, so you will just call me stupid. You will have to find out the hard way, because you will not listen to someone who knows.

Barry A:
Don't bother.
A troll like you could not even afford a fake one.
The 1% deserve death you capitalist pig!
I'd recommend the "Douche" model.
No, it would make you look like a tool.


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