I am on social security benefits and I want to know how much can I earn just to live a decent life I am a mentally disabled person?

I'm 22 years of age and I want to know how much can I earn a hour because I really want to work I have been thinking of getting another minimum wage job on top of the one I already have because I want to be able to support myself out in the real world.

Best Answer:

Eddie: You need to check with Social Security, they set a limit on what you can earn with directly affecting your benefits. If you work & earn money, you can lose your benefits. You can also lose your benefits because if you can earn & support yourself, you do not need tax payer money to support you.

Other answer:

For SS disability the earnings limit is $1170 a month
For SSI its $735 a month
Both of those are net income
people who get SSDI are able to work, the only thing is the SSDI payment will be affected if you make more than the limit which is about $1400/month
with your challenges you will be limited to employment that you can manage which will probably not be highly technical and not result in substantial wages
you can address your questions to www.ssa.gov, there is a FAQ there or you can contact them to find out
SSI or SSDI? Rules are different, and are complex. For either though, you need to report ANY job to the ss people – if you haven't done that with the job you have, report it right away.
Ms. Lady:
I think you should do whatever you feel comfortable doing. Don't put limitations on yourself you can do and have what anyone else has regardless of any disability you may have. Go for it!!
If you are on social security disability, you not suppose to be working.

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