I bought an apprtment and I had some little savings to change the funture?

The thing is if I do that I will have to put all of my savings to renew the apartment and I will be left with my salary but no extra money for an argent situation so what should I do

Best Answer:

puffin57: Make do with the furniture that is there for now – you can always make it a bit more 'you' by using throws over sofas, perhaps painting cupboards a funky colour or suchlike. Obviously don't spend a fortune, but that can help a lot till you get your own things.

Then you can save from each pay towards things you need. Just gradually replace items or add them as and when you can afford them.

Other answer:

You should definitely not spend your savings!!! Look up ideas on pinterest on how to update and change the style of the furniture you do have. I know it's nice having brand new beautiful furniture, but it's not worth the risk of ending up in debt. You have to make sacrifices now, to have a more comfortable future. Good luck to you! 🙂
Forego the furniture. Been there, done that!
I think you should save up your money and wait to get or find an apartment with furnishings or wait until you can afford furnishings. Having your own apartment is expensive enough, so why not prepare for it better by saving up a bit more and having extra room for budgeting and changing up furniture if you choose.

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