I paid all my bills, but I dont have anymore cash for food, where can i get free food?

right now, i work from 9-5, i dont get paid well, i wasted my check on all the bills, but i dont have money for food. im in good shape, i barely eat alot, how can i get free fast food?

Best Answer:

?: free fast food? You probably can't. You might be able to get pasta, rice ans cereal from the Salvation Army or a food bank, and maybe things like canned goods from the food bank.

Other answer:

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Alpha Beta:
Get a part time job at McDonalds … you'll make more $ and they offer free meals.
Donald B:
You can get free food from a food bank. My aunt and uncle used to run one and they would give food to anyone that asked for it.
Food banks.
Happy Gramps:
ask at a church, salvation army, or similar near you

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