I spend too much money?

I have a bit of a spending problem. I am supposed to be saving to go visit my friend in a different part of the country, but every time I get money I need to spend it because I don't have a job yet so money doesn't come my way very often. Any tips to help me save?

Best Answer:

adrien.surprenant: Stop spending money is the best way to save money. If you are unable to not spend, there is no tool or suggestion to help. The only thing I can say is if you get $20, put $10 in a piggy bank that you have to break to get the money. You can put it in a real bank so long as you don't touch it. Not sure how old you are, but some tough love here … grow up, be responsible and save for the future.

Other answer:

Open on Savings bank account in a Bank, whenever you get money, first credit some amount in the Savings bank account and spend the rest. Slowly the amount will accrue.
Yes get a job
If you are spending the money to survive, you don't have a choice, you simply can't afford the trip. If you aren't spending the money to survive then you are simply more interested in what you are spending it on than the trip. Tell your friend you aren't coming.
put your money in a CERAMIC money bank! sorry, but i had the same problem, with tin money banks and i would just bend the top part and get all of my savings out! XD. you can just put 25-50% of extra money in the money bank, and that way you will save.

another way is to give your money to a reliable person, and that way, when you need it, or when going on holiday, you can get it back.
hope this helps

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