I started a job and wasn't paid the first week when I asked my coworker said "the company has a week in the hole policy" will i not be paid?

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robert: It is a standard policy among most small, middle and large business to pay every week.
It takes the Pay Master a week to do the calculations (it really doesn't these days but it used to.) So there is a weeks DELAY in issuing the checks.
You will get this weeks pay Next Week. and so on. When you are fired, or otherwise leave, you will get your pay.
The Check stub will show the hours and date of the acutally worked pay period. Along with all the Federal tax, State tax, and city tax, and any other deductions.

Very Few businesses will pay promptly at the end of the week, some even pay every two weeks, and governments sometimes only once a month.

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Dan B:
The week following a 2-week pay period is used to calculate your pay (and everyone elses). If you started at the very beginning of a pay period, you'll see your first check in 3 weeks.
Many companies pay bi-weekly, or once every two weeks. Never heard of a 'week in the hole' policy.
Yes you'll be paid, but will be paid with a week's delay. When you leave you'll have one more week's pay coming
of course you will get paid, your state labor board will not let you go unpaid
some companies for whatever reason hold the first pay, this confuses me since also in state labor laws an employee is to be paid within a specific number of days from the close of the pay period
Donald B:
Of course you will be paid. The coworker did not explain what he means. It often takes one week to set up your payroll so you will not get it until your next payday. When you leave if you have not been paid everything you will get a final check a week after you leave.
You're paid in arrears. Most companies pay this way and you will, ofcourse, be paid.
Yes, you'll get paid.

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