I was recently scammed by someone on Instagram out of a substantial amount of money and my bank is refusing to refund me the money.?

I was scammed on Instagram recently before Christmas. Has anyone else experienced this?
Can anyone advise me on what action take?
Much appreciated

Best Answer:

Gatsby216: Hire an attorney to review the issue and speak to the bank. As you said, you were scammed, there was not a bank error, so I am not sure why you are expecting them to cover the loss?
Sorry you were scammed and I hope it works out.

Other answer:

Why would the bank refund you? The bank did not scam you
If you were scammed on Instagram you have to file a police report, though if the person is in another country, or even another state, the police can't do anything anyway
And why would you ever send money to anyone on Instagram? It's against Instagram's terms to sell anything on Instagram and there is a reason why Instagram does not offer any payment button on the app.
Unfortunately, even though people get scammed online, the banks are not responsible for it.

You can report it to the police, but there aren't any guarantees they'd be able to find who was responsible for it. With online scams on the rise, you pretty much just have to be super careful with your money and what you do. Banks aren't liable for it. You can also report the fraud to even Instagram support, tell them what happened and the account, etc.

You would need to provide details how you were scammed and how the bank is responsible.

If you chose to send the money to someone, why do you think the bank is responsible for refunding you the money?

You were NOT scammed by the bank. You made an unwise payment to someone
without doing any research or credit check. There is no possible action you can take
other than filing a court case against the person, if you have a legitimate name
and address of that person and have proof of the scam.
of course the bank won't return your money, they didn't scam you out of it, the person on instagram did and that is the one you need to pursue for your damages
you got caught up in a real scam and not likely ever to see your money again
Why should a bank refund money that you were stupid enough to lose? It's not like someone came in and took your money without your knowledge or approval. You were scammed because you weren't smart enough or cautious enough to stop it.
Why should the bank refund you? They didn't scam you.
people who are scammed generally have to accept that they lost the money…
Flatulent Tea Bag Face:
The problem is, the police where the scammer is don't co-operate with your bank or your local police, that is why they are so confident to do it and get away with it.

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