I work for a bank and have been told that I must have my salary paid to their bank account. Am I obligated to do this? I bank elsewhere.?

Best Answer:

Jack: Check your state laws or call the Labor Board in your city. Employers cannot require their employees to use any particular financial institution for receiving direct deposit of wages or bonuses. FDIC rules state that an employer may require direct deposit of wages so long as the employee chooses the receiving bank.

Other answer:

Never heard of this one, let them do it and transfer it to your own bank.
maybe thats how theyre set up to distribute pay checks .. to an account you have with them .. i'd say if you want to get paid dont rock the boat ..
Retain a small balance and withdraw the surplus to deposit elsewhere.
If that's their rule, yes.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Just transfer the money to the other account.

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