If I had 200k could I retire in a third world country?

Plan to live another 20-30 years

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dick money: Let's see I spend a lot of time in the Philippines, to live a life style even close to a US life style you need a minimum of $1500 (smaller cities) to $2500 (larger cities) per month, So split the difference and say you need $2000 a month then your $200,000 would last 100 months or about 9 years.This does not even account for the few thousand you need for initial set up or any medical issues
Now if you want to live more like a native the amount needed could drop to $1200
No in my case because I am married to a local and she owns house there and we eat a local diet and are more home bodies we spend about $800

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dick money:
Depends where you are. In third world countries living in a nicer, cleaner, safer area is a lot more expensive. But $200k (USD??) is a lot of money.
It also depends on currency conversion. So be aware of that. Honestly it's a lot cheaper to retire somewhere like Florida, Hawaii, Arizona… somewhere in the USA.
might depend on how old you are, how many people you are providing for if you are not alone
200,000 what? Pesos, rupees, Liras… I am presuming you mean US Dollars. Well, it depends what you want to do? How old are you? I think 200,000 US Dollars could easily be enough for you for 30 years in a third world country. But you have to understand that the quality of life is not so good in third world countries, neither are the infrastructures. But if you don't mind that and the language barrier, then yes, $200,000 could easily last you for 30 years in a third world country.
LOL… "I plan to live another 20 – 30 years'… I don't really think YOU get to decide how much longer you will live !

But to answer your question – 200k enough ? Well depends on your age and whether the 200k is pounds, lira, rupees or dollars

you might not like it much
Back in the 50's it was a possibilty but not in todays world. A perfect example is, gas was only .13 per gallon. the movies were .45. A new car was about $6,000.
I don't even see why you couldn't retire in the US with 200K if you wanted to. It's not like you wouldn't have another source of income as well – if nothing else then you would have social security. I doubt that if someone has 200K that isn't all they've done to invest in their retirement.
Spock (rhp):
not really. now, if you had the 200k AND made 10 percent annually on it, then you might pull that off fairly well.

but, of course, making 10pc is dreamland unless you're already wealthy and well connected

You could retire anytime you want. We don't know how you define affluence or if you even care to be affluent.

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