If I had to give a cake shop my debit card number, security code, date of expiration over the phone, and full name, is my money still safe?

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john: It's a risk. Not all employees are honest. In the future, ALWAYS use your credit card, NEVER your debit card or you risk a dishonest person stealing your hard-earned money out of your actual bank account.

BTW, if you don't have a credit card, GET ONE as soon as possible because it's the ONLY way you can build a credit rating, which you'll probably need if/when you need a loan for a car or want to buy a house. Using your debit card will NOT help you build a credit score. It usually takes 2 years of good credit history to get many loans, or a mortgage. You sound young–start building your credit rating with a credit card starting NOW. You don't have to use the card a lot, be frugal with it, but get one. Just make sure you pay off the balance of your credit card immediately so you don't have to pay interest on the amount you owe.

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Perhaps, no way to say here.

In the future, NEVER use your debit card for a transaction where you aren't present. Never buy anything off the internet with a debit card. Allow me to explain why…

With a Credit card, you are using the credit of the issuing bank. So, if someone compromises the data, they are spending the money of the bank. When you contest, that money hasn't actually gone anywhere yet and your bank doesn't honor the charge.

When you use your debit card, you are taking money directly out of your account at the time of the transaction. So, if someone compromises that card, your money is actually taken. Then, you need to fight quite a bit to actually get your bank to put any money back into your account…which may never happen at all.

So, are we going to use our debit card online or over the phone anymore?

Those information are normally needed if you're making an online transaction, or over the phone purchases because they don't have a machine for you to put your card and enter pin. I would do some
Research on the merchant though just to make sure Its reliable and not a scam.
Nichole Jan Soriano:
My advise is no, its better than sorry.. and giving your information over the phone is much more no no.
But I still use debit card even in online transaction, I usually have 2 debit card, The one is for transaction only so incase someone hack it
I dont lose that much.
D J:
Maybe not, you should NEVER use a debit card over the phone, internet or store when it is out of your sight or hand.
Debit cards are not secure in my opinion, I NEVER use one.
Linda R:
Yes. I've worked in businesses where people would call in to pay for something; I always wrote the info down, run the sale through the CC machine and then shredded what I wrote down.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
If it were a reputable company it's just as safe as using your card in the store.
Donald B:
Yes. Your money is safe. If they used it for any purpose other than what you charged their name would be on the fraudulent purchase so you would know who to go after.
no, but thank you for the 75 cakes
no, but thank you for the 75 cakes

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