If I was to earn $40,000 per year how much per week?

If I was to earn $40,000 per year, how much is that per week with and without tax deducted in Australia?

Best Answer:

Evan: Rob is right about the gross amount. The net amount varies. You can use the tool linked below to gain an estimate of what your weekly pay packet will be. Based on typical circumstances, your net weekly pay is $662.50.

If you have deductions, then you would also get a refund of around 34c per dollar of deductions, for the first $3,000 of deductions.

Other answer:

idk. How many weeks a year in the land down under? and what is your tax rate (or responsibility)?
If you can't figure this out you are not qualified to make $40k.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
If you cannot divide 40K by 52 I'm surprised you can earn 40K a year.
use a cal

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