If I were to marry a man, would I get spousal social security benefits after one year of marriage?

Wondering if I would get the same amount he does now and also just delay my own SS filing at age 62 because it's too low to live on.

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Linda J: Nope. Those benefits start after ten years of marriage. You don't get his benefits while he's alive, anyway. You get what you earned. If your'e married over ten years and widowed, and If you stay single until you're 60 (or fifty if you qualify as disabled) then you have the option of collecting his or yours, whichever is greater.

Other answer:

Linda J:
in some instances yeah
check with ss office
In some instances yes
Check with SS office
It is a one-year marriage requirement for Social Security spousal benefits and a 9 month marriage requirement for Social Security survivor benefits. I am a co-founder of Social Security Advisors and know this for a fact.
Max Stanton:
No, it's ten years.
Swimming in it:
Nope! Spouses earn that honor after 10 years. No less. Your best best is to keep on working for 8 more years. Highest wages you can make. You'll thank yourself for it later.
ask at your local SS office
Well, that would be benefits fraud if it worked, because apparently you would be marrying him for the sake of a higher Social Security check.

That having been said, you only get one payment – your own, or up to half of his, whichever is higher. You must have been married a year, unless you have a child together, in which case the one year does not apply.

First, how old are you? Contact your nearest local SS office preferably in person and ASAP for the answer to your question. The answer to your question can be complicated. Or if you plan on retiring soon or are retired ask your Human Resources Office where you work for the answer.

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