If you take coins to your bank can you exchange them for bills?

and is there a fee to do that. i have 16 dollars in quarters that i really want to exchange for bills if i can.

Best Answer:

Kieran: Coins can be deposited, or changed for bills. When you have large numbers of coins, the bank could have a special procedure. Some banks want coins wrapped, and some unwrapped. Bank of America provides a huge plastic bag and coins are counted at night for deposit. $16 is only 64 quarters and should not be an issue to cash at the counter. They are more concerned about large numbers of coins taking a tellers time to count.
You can also use coins at self-service checkout in supermarkets and some other stores.

Other answer:

Yes, banks can exchange coins for bills
Elaine M:
There's no fee to do that. They change them for you.

OR you can use $2 worth of coins to pay the next $2 purchase you make.


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