I'm 25, I have a lot of debt, I have parking tickets that I need to pay off, my license is suspended, I need a car, need an apartment?

I also have school loans that I have to pay back. Is it possible that I will get out of this horrible whole that I have dug for myself? How can I do this? And not to mention that my credit score is 530, terrible I know. I need financial advice, please help
Sorry I mean hole, not whole

Also I currently have my own apartment but I am paying a lot in rent and I want to relocate elsewhere, less expensive. I'm currently in NYC

Best Answer:

babyboomer1001: Work your *ss off. Get all the overtime you can. Take a second job, even temporarily, if you can manage it. Reduce your expenses. Forget about your own apartment for now. Now it not the time. Pay off all of your tickets and pay the minimum on the credit cards. Any extra, after your loan payments, pay off the credit cards with the highest interest rates first. Stop charging expenses on those cards, by the way. When everything is paid off except your student loans, continue to pay off your loans. Until you have at least $10,000 in the bank, secured, don't even think of getting your own apartment. Share or rent a room in someone's house. You can dig your way out. I know you can because your have the brains. I know from your posting. You just need to exercise a little discipline. It might take a couple of years, maybe more but, you can do it.

Other answer:

1. Increase your income.
2. Lower your expenses.

Live under your means not over them. When you get a car get a good used one. In the meantime use public transportation and/or carpool. In fact, since I now see where you live why do you even have a car? Your share of rent shouldn't exceed one-third the amount of your monthly income. I see you've added that you live alone in NYC. Move to a different city which is less expensive and/or get a roommate.

Buy a book by Dave Ramsey or some other financial adviser, read it and start applying what you've learned from the book to your life and dig yourself out of that HOLE you've put yourself in.

Have someone you trust go over your resume for spelling errors because I doubt you'd know one if you saw it. Example: Hole vs whole. Allowed vs aloud. There vs their vs they're. Your vs you're. Stuff like that.

You know, I'm not the greatest money manager in the world and I wish I knew about people like Dave Ramsey when I was young and starting out but at least I knew to pay my bills, e.g. parking tickets (although I wouldn't be parking where I shouldn't be nor would I park longer than allowed) and didn't take on more debt than I could afford to pay.

Move back home, and get a job close by (either walking, or on a bus line).

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