I'm getting $5 monthly service fee in my wells Fargo checking account?

I've had the account for 2 years with no problem, all of a sudden, $5 monthly service fees start appearing. I know it's not a lot but.. In the long run.. $60 a year.. Why am i getting charged ?

Best Answer:

?: Changes to your account would have been in your statements.
Did you have a free checking account? Those got changed last year. Wells Fargo changed them up to deal with the new rules and regulations.
Unless you have a direct deposit or a minimum balance of $1500 dollars, you'll get hit with a monthly service charge.
Pretty much now… all their accounts require a minimum balance or a direct deposit to avoid service fees.

Other answer:

We do not know the kind of account you have. Different kinds of accounts have different rules about fees.

You need to go to a branch and ask a real person.

Have they added a fee to this account type? Or maybe your balance is less than the minimum required to get free banking. So, ask the bank.
they charge you because they can, get smart and open an account with a credit union and you won't have stupid fees
Ask them and then move banks. Free accounts are rare but, they're available.

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