I'm going to be buying a washer and dryer but I want a document that shows I paid for it.?

Something that the seller needs to sign and acknowledge I paid $$$ for the machine on this "date", etc

Is there a template out there that I can use and modify to do this?

This is from a private seller by the way..

Best Answer:

Sly Tater: All you need to do is write on a piece of paper the models and serial numbers and the price with a note that says "Sold to YOUR NAME by SELLER'S NAME".

Write "Bill of Sale" at the top.

Other answer:

Sly Tater:
Legally, all you need is a hand written receipt stating $$$ you paid on ?? date
and have it signed by the seller. State the make and model number as proof.
Just type something up. No template needed. Look at any receipt if you need some ideas.
I Like Stories:
Sold (manufacturer) (model) serial number (serial number) to (your name) on (date)


It's not that hard.

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Pay by check which is as good as a receipt.
Pascal the Gambler:
You can just type up something with the relevant info and sign it with the seller.
Ryan M:
Template??? It writing a sentence or two too difficult???
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