I'm religiously exempt from social security and health care am I cheating the system?

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Samuel: Not at all. Some people think it's a waste of money or they could do better than the government at investing their retirement. I hope you have a 401k or IRA or ROTH.

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no… you don't pay in, but you will definitely not get benefits either…
the only way you can 'out' the SS system is if you are a pastor or other minister, just because you don't agree with the system does not allow you to opt out
the point is if you opt out, you don't also get any benefits when you retire, you best have a plan in mind that provides you retirement money
you are cheating the system only if you somehow manage to get benefits
You don't pay in you can't receive, no cheating
no. You don't pay in, but you won't get benefits either.
Of course not because you won't be getting anything out of the system. Social Security couldn't care less that you aren't contributing to the system.

However people who work under employment not covered by social security (primarily governmental, religious and educational entities) generally pay into their own systems. If they file for social security as a spouse, any possible social security benefit they could receive would be offset by any pension they've earned from the non-social security covered employer and some of those people will have to be working until they drop dead – literally.

Frankly if you are cheating anyone it is yourself. You get out of any system what you pay into it. You've seen the elderly people working in grocery stores as greeters? They aren't there because they want to be; they're there because their retirement income is inadequate.

I see SSI (supplemental security income) in your future – SSI is the federal welfare program for people of limited income/resources who are either disabled or over age 64. The maximum monthly benefit is $735 a month – hope you can live off of that. Of course it will be higher by the time you reach age 65 but then, so too will expenses.

LOL – wait till you hit 65, and can't draw SS, you'll find out who's been cheated.
Wayne Z:
Not really.

To be exempt from Social Security, Medicare and Health Insurance, you must agree never to use any of those benefits either.

How can that be? Are you a nun or a monk or something?

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