Is 750 credit score and an excellent history high enough to get the best rates on a home loan?

Best Answer:

Armed And Educated Worker: Yes. There is no meaningful difference between a FICO score of 750 and one at the maximum of 850, other than more years of credit experience.

Other answer:

Armed And Educated Worker:
Yes the best car loans with lowest interest rates too!
Actually many people don't know but usually 725 is sufficient!
probably yes
Donald B:
Yes, but you have to put 20% down or pay extra interest.
Assuming your loan to value and other property factors are okay then you should be able to get a top rate.
Wayne Z:
What qualifies to get the "best" rate varies by lender.

I was told by my bank that their best rate did indeed start with people with credit scores at 750 or higher.

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