Is it expensive in Canada compared to United States?

Best Answer:

ThisFieldIsMandatory1996: Is what expensive? Cost of living? Yes and no. Some things cost more, some cost less, and wages differ. On the whole, people in both countries have about the same standard of living but Canada has fewer really poor people and fewer really rich people.

Other answer:

No. It looks more expensive because 75 cents in USD is 1$ in CAD.
A bit. Taxes are a little bit higher, although not that much. Things tend to cost a bit more, but, wages are higher. Minimum wage is around $11 an hour, depending on where you are. Housing can be a bit more in the larger cities, like Vancouver, and Toronto, but, far less in more remote places.

However, we do get more. E.g., far better education, and far better health care as well. These things help Canadians live longer than Americans, and, we are better educated – over half of us have university degrees, for example.

As Karen has said, Canada has a much stronger middle class, whereas in the USA, people are often either really rich, or poor.

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