Is it possible to close a bank account without going to the bank in person?

I have a bank account in an Eastern state and I'm probably never going back there ever again (the bank is PNC). I know I can transfer the remaining funds in it to my current account here on the West Coast, but can I actually formally CLOSE my account over the phone, without going there in person?

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Chloe: You should call the bank to be sure but….

You should be able to give them permission to close your account via a signed letter which you can mail or either fax in. If you wish to wire your money, include wire instructions in the letter. Otherwise, the bank can mail you a cashier's check in the amount of your balance.

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though if you just stop using it, after several years and no money in it, they will close it automatically… in fact most banks close accounts with no action on them (even if they have money in them) and keep the money !!

You need the routing number and the other number as well. Checking. Or savings.
There is miraculous device called a TELEPHONE. Maybe you have seen one.
Andy L:
Call the bank. They probably would want a letter, possibly notarized.
Have you called and asked PNC? Try that first.

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