Is it true anaesthetists make more money than high school teachers?

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ckm1956: WAY more. In the US, an anesthesiologist (same as a UK anesthetist) can easily make more than $300,000. About 240,000 GBP. And a teacher doesn't make near that amount (and much less than they should).

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Yes but Only in America
Chris M:
Yes, they are a doctor who specialized in this field.
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Obviously YES
A Hunch:
Do you mean an an esthetician? Someone who provides skincare treatment?

Teachers make very different amounts of money in different states and cities. The teachers in the district that i live in start at $55,000 and top out at $104,000…
= not a bad salary for working 9.5 months a year, plus superb retirement benefits.

But in other areas, teachers might be in the $30,000-$40000 range.

Casey Y:
Absolutely, they are medical doctors.
absolutely true and by far they make more money. you have to go to medical school to become one.

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