IS IT UNGODLY not to repay DEBT You OWE?

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barcelona: …from the "Lord's Prayer"; "Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors."

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If it a cash debt to a corporation/bank…not a bit Ungodly .
Is it ungodly not to repay the debt you owe?

Perhaps. But it is far more ungodly to exploit the weaknesses of others and put them into debt to begin with. Then DEMAND repayment with interest, with no intention of ever forgiving the debt. There was a time that interest was viewed as inherently wrong and unnatural. Pretty much all of history up until the last century or two, the only ones that were allowed to charge interest were Jews, as they were notoriously seen in a negative light.

God is Love. Love gives without limit and with no expectation of return. Therefore, the entire system of economics is ungodly and unnatural.

It sure is …

If a person repents of their sin, they should make amends to the best of their ability

Yes. The first-century Christian view of debts is expressed at Romans 13:8: “Do not you people be owing anybody a single thing, except to love one another.”
Filled With God:
Obviously you need to repay them.
Yes. One of the great Commandments is 'Thou shalt not steal.' If you owe someone something and do not give it, you are stealing from him.
Barcelona please just stop. You questions insult God
Not likely. Not in holy books

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