Is it wrong to beg people for money?

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Heidi: Generally, yes.

If you "beg for money" as part of your regular job (you are a professional beggar), then I see it as wrong, as you are ruining it for those who beg out of a real need.

If you beg for money because it is the only way left to feed your kids, then it is not wrong (instead, it means there is something wrong with society).

Anything in between is… "it depends".

Other answer:

What does your question have to do with math?
Beave Village:
Nope, but it is wrong to be a stumbling block and cause others unnecessary distress.
Begging is wrong, but asking or borrowing is fine
This a Math question, cretin?
Nope not really. Our society is built upon a system where there has to be a winner and loser in profit.
Depends on who you ask.

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