Is my dad allowed to take my phone off me?

I earn pocket money and i use that to pay my phone bills i spent 2 years saving up for my phone and i bought a case for it. Is my dad allowed to take it off me because i diddnt have a meeting with him? Its really annoying and i do not like my dad. Im 13

Best Answer:

Lach993: you are 13? of course, your dad is responsible for you until you are of age so if you failed to do something he wanted you to do, he could very well deprive you of something that would teach you a lesson that you are still his responsibility, and saying you hate him if he doesn't beat you you are a typical teenager who thinks they suddenly know it all–and don't

Other answer:

Your dad is most likely hurt because you didn't meet with him. Try to make up for that and you will probably get your phone back.
Actually yes. because you're still a minor living under his roof.
Happy Gramps:
until you move out of the house, you need to abide by your parents rules, and to answer what age does it become legal as you ask – 18 by law BUT if they are still supporting you at 18 and you are living w/them, then their rules still apply
I agree with all the other responses on this. How would you think it was not alright. I would do the same thing with my kids to get there attention.

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