Is this how the rich stay rich?

They put all their money in an offshore account and then file for bankruptcy, then they open up a few companies putting money into it but using it to launder their money back into the USA?

Best Answer:

Clash: people stay rich by not spending or losing the money they have
my son knows a man who apparently in his life time had been a milliionaire several times over
not knowing his history it would appear to me he has had successful businesses that made good money only to lose them by some manner but was smart enough to start another and be successful
it happens every day

Other answer:

LOL! Apparently you know nothing about finances.

There are MANY ways to get rich and stay rich…none of which are on your list.

No. That's a very good way to end up in prison for fraud.
and some put profits into R&D (research and development) and make whatever it is they're selling a better product or develop new products to sell.
No. Not at all. What a weird question. Why would you even ask?
No that isn't true
uh, no

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