Let's say you are in your 50's with $10M no wife/kids/siblings. How to make sure you will be cared for without a gold digging spouse?

@Rachel, hard to hide it when you live in a multi-million dollars house!

Best Answer:

tro: you get a fiduciary lined up with your specific instructions how to care for you, you can set up a trust with someone legally responsible to follow your instructions

Other answer:

Make sure you have a living will. You can have someone else that you trust to handle your affairs, it doesn't have to be a blood relative.
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Sally Jesse:
You're 50, not 80!
Ricky is right. You rich guys like to flaunt what you have. You wanna impress and think you can find a pure heart. Being flashy is like tying a carrot to a mule cart, he will follow the food. Can you bring yourself down to a low level and act like you don't have much? There's where you find the pure at heart. If she will love you when you have nothing,,,,,,,hello.
Write a living will.
robert x:
dont tell anyone about the cash
Fake that your poor. Problem solved
You see a lawyer and do some estate planning. In a nut shell you hire people to take care of you.

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