Loans for people with bad credit and delayed repayment term?

I have bad credit, but I do have a co-signer available. Is it possible to get a loan for say $8000, but have the repayment term start much later? I ask because I want to go to a private college for one semester if I get a particular certification I will be guaranteed a job.
It doesn't qualify for Title IV education loan, so I must get a private loan instead.

Best Answer:

Dan: You could get a loan based on the co-signer's creditworthiness, but you shouldn't. If the school doesn't qualify for a Title IV education loan, that's because the Federal government found that a lot of their students weren't graduating, and a lot of their graduates weren't getting jobs.

It's a scam. They're promising you a job, that's a very bad sign.

Other answer:

Student usually come with a moratorium period wherein the repayment actually starts after the course year ends + six months or one year, to allow the student to find and settle in a job. If you have a co-signer who has good credit then it shouldn't be very difficult to find yourself a lender.
Yes, the Bank of Friends and Family sometimes hand out, "deadbeat," loans; loans to people who have a proven track record of financial irresponsibility who want to repay, "much later."
Casey Y:
You aren't getting the money…period.

Unless family or friends can help, you aren't getting a loan. You can work and save up that money though.

Donald B:
Get that guarantee in writing before you borrow any money.
Sorry kid, u getting Screwed Ripped off Scammed by the school.
Local educated adults can explain why locally
" I get a particular certification I will be guaranteed a job. "
No one can Guarantee you a job. Remember that as you go through life.
Why would you burden another person with your bad judgement?
Love big words:
Ask your co-signer to gift you the money.
meaningful questions, thank you

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