Men and Women who are wiser than me, what are productive methods you use to save money?

Saving money despite bills and unexpected expensive, advice is appreciated please

Best Answer:

That Black Guy Everyone Likes: Houses and cars will always be your two biggest expenses. If you can figure out how to spend the least amount of money on those two things, you can lick the world.

Other answer:

That Black Guy Everyone Likes:
Spend less money than you spend. That's the easiest way.
D J:
Do it automatically, before you cash your check or deposit it, put a small percentage into a dedicated emergency fund.
Beverly S:
I treat savings just like a bill. Deposit into savings before I spend anything.
Pay yourself first every payday with 10 to 20% of the net. Do not charge more than you can pay in total every month. Do not pay interest charges, pay with cash when you can afford it. Live within your means!

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