My retired wife died i still work can i get her social security till i retire ?

Best Answer:

THOMAS B: Contact the national social security office
1-800-772-1213 ( TTY 1-800-325-0778)
or look up your local one. Do NOT rely
on what total strangers tell you.

Other answer:

No, so keep on working fool.
that might depend on which SS is greater, if yours is higher you will never get any part of hers
No, you are not entitled to her social security. She was the only one entitled to it, and she has died. You are still working and will have to make do with that.
No…. you can collect on her social security at the age of your retirement… i don't know if it's 65 or 67 or what age it is anymore? I haven't checked lately. Anyway, if her social security payments would have been more than yours would be? You can collect her disbursement. But you can't collect both at the same time, only the one which is more $ per month.

If you have questions, you can go to the SS website.

Doubtful, unless you were granted survivor's benefits. Unless I'm mistaken those are only for dependents. The ss administration can answer your question.
How sad
Chris P:
It's illegal to claim a dead person's benefits, however you may be entitled to alternative benefits as her widower.

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