Need help with my father's last will & testament?

My father's last will was drawn up before my mother passed away. My mother died in 2001. My dad remarried in 2005 but the will was drawn up back in 1995. Who receives the assets from my father if my mother, my brother, & I were all mentioned in his will?

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Bob: Your brother and you

Other answer:

Your father should update his Will. His new wife might get half and you kids might get half but, it depends on the state law in such circumstances. Perhaps, you should ask him whether he updated his Will after he was last married. That way, there won't be anything to fight over. When there is a fight, the only winners are the lawyers. Quite often, lawyers fees such all of the money out of a house and other assets.
How about actually asking local educated adults in ur country for actual info locally as it varies greatly.
We don't have a clue
Was your mother mentioned BY NAME, or as his spouse? That is actually CRITICAL in determining the answer. In any case, you NEED to have the actual will reviewed by an actual attorney. You also need to find out if he wrote a new will after your mother died.
His new wife. He will have made a new will since he remarried.

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