Poll: Do you have to have $money$ to be happy?

Best Answer:

Kris: Studies have shown that LACK of money makes people UNhappy, but once you have enough to be comfortable / secure, adding more money stops increasing your happiness.

Other answer:

to but it sure makes things easier to be happier with money…
it makes life less stressful which in the end makes you more happy

In fact, you have to have money to be alive. Literally. No money means no food. No food means you die.

In theory, actual money is not necessary for happiness. There are happy toddlers who don't even know what money is.

Do I personally need money for happiness? I don't know for sure, because I have never been completely without money. Twice in my life, I had to restrict myself to basic foods like rice and beans when I ran low on money, but even in those cases, I knew I could call my parents if even the dried beans ran out. There was never fear of permanently having to eat beans and walk or bike everywhere.

it helps
happier than poor people…
Love big words:
You need attitude to be happy.
I've been poor and I've been rich. Rich is better.
Happy Gramps:
as per Scripture – "the love of money is the root of all evil"…apparently French people have never read that !!!

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