Poll: Is $194 in a week good?

Best Answer:

?: If you are still in high school – yes. If you are out of high school – no. It averages out to $840 a month – that's peanuts; you wouldn't even be able to afford an apartment.

Other answer:

Good in what context?
It's a good amount of rent to pay for an apartment. It's a bad amount to spend on coffee.
It's a bad income (that would put you below the poverty line). It's a good raise.
It's a trivial amount of time to track your gain/loss in the stock market.
It's 100% more than you had before
Weasel McWeasel:
for pizza money……..???

yeah, that should be enough.

it will buy groceries, and that is a good thing
Not for much.
Depends on how much you worked if you worked 1 hour it's pretty good if you worked 40 hours it's terrible

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