Price matching at grocery stores?

I went to cub foods today and felt i spent 25 dollars on basically nothing. Can't something be done about this I am on a limited income and only get 100.00 for ebt.

Best Answer:

Addison: What all did you buy? For fresh or frozen produce that should get you quite a ways. Also with fresh or frozen poultry especially if there is a sale. Look for items on "thrift", they are still good for a few days and can be frozen immediately to stay good for months.

Other answer:

You price shop at SEVERAL places, not just one. You remember the prices and go to certain stores for certain things.
spend 6.00 on a roasting chicken then 1.00 on a bag of potatoes 3..00 on a loaf of bread, 1.50 on rice or noodles, you got dinner for a week, roast chicken 2 -3 nights, chicken sandwiches, chicken soup, etc
Check into local food abnks.
Yes, something can be done. GET A ******* JOB.

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