Rent money budget? 10 points!!?

what do you think is an affordable amount for a student in university and grad school for rent month to month? i was thinking 400$ maximum 450.00$
i live in a small town, and have one roommates

Best Answer:

valene: I am in college and pay $500 per month with all utilities included. I work for a real estate management company so that kind of helps me though. It is still possible to find places for around $400-$450 per month though. They may not be very big or very nice places but they are out there. Check Zillow.

Also the affordability will depend on how much you make but if you and your roommate are both working part time making at lest minimum wage, and you guys don't go crazy and blow your money partying all the time than I think $400-$450 is definetly affordable.

Other answer:

That's very affordable, but that might not be realistic. If you have several roommates and live in a small town or a bad area of a big city, you might pay $400 a month.
Smart informed educated people pay NO more than ONE week income for rent.
Working poor people PAY 1/3 gross income.
POOR people pay 1/2 gross income for rent
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