Should Brexit now just be a matter of damage management.?

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Michael: the damage is done we are as pitiful as Greece you mention Brexit Germany own gas and electric companies they own transport networks the French own water and electric companies will soon be spread across the country fracking Spain own water companies Brexit merely makes them enemies on Mays terms of course they will screw us to the wall the USA will have to run the NHS I think you can see where this is leading Victorian Britain without the empire the poor were treat rough then when we were rich our kids are going to hate us with a vengeance they will have memorials like us but to spit at a Philip Green a Mike Ashley a Cameron with brown pants and a Tony Blaire on a column of course wouldn't last a minute on the ground the biggest money grabbing cowards in history

Other answer:

If it makes you feel better, go ahead & think of it that way. The people that voted for it, think of it as freedom from the Brussels bureaucracy.
No. Brexit is all about being LIBERATED! Pull your head out and see the light of day!
Not at all. It's a fantastic opportunity to free the country of the oppressive EU. I am old enough to remember what it was like before we joined. Times were good. We made our own laws and traded with the world. The sooner we get back to that the better.

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