So i asked my supervisor why i shouldnt receive unemployment and he said because i did a shitty job how can i proggress with these people?

Also what can i do i got bills to pay

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Andy L: If USA,
Two things. One is that people tend to overspend their income. You are expected to have 8 to 12 weeks of survival money saved if you have worked long enough to receive unemployment benefits. Too many people live paycheck to paycheck and have trouble finding employment as a combination of overspending, lack of skills, or taking on the unaffordable. Too late to fix this.
Second is that, although rude, the employer is claiming you were fired for performance reasons. It starts with an automatic denial of benefits. You can appeal the decision if you believe your performance was satisfactory, and any supporting evidence is considered. Your former employer needs to provide more detail than shitty job, with either numerical or description of how you screwed up.

Meanwhile, you apply for SNAP as supplemental food and speak with any friends and relatives you can since your situation is dire need. Bust chops in finding a new job.

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Andy L:
Should have done a better job then you wouldn't have this problem
when the employer is requested to explain why the employee was fired, he can respond anyway he likes or feels is the reason for letting you go
obviously he did not measure up to the job and they felt no amount of time was going to make it any better
SO what?
USE ur savings and get employed
Do you mean that you've been fired and plan to fill for unemployment compensation? If so, your supervisor doesn't make the decision–your state's unemployment insurance office does. Even being fired for poor performance, you still may be able to qualify for unemployment insurance payments.
Jacob Farabee:
Accept the bad decisions you've made, take responsibility for them, and go about improving your situation. Expect sacrifice and hard work.

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