Someone asked if African Americans should receive reperations because they were slaves? The government recently paid $50,000 to each person.?

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Linda: False news. There have been no payments, nor are there likely to be. This is just a rumor.


Thanks for the citation, which I looked up. This was NOT a matter of reparations due to slavery. Instead, it's a case that Black farmers had been discriminated against for federal loans. Here's a description: "Their final amended complaint alleged that, from January 1983 through January 1997, the USDA discriminated on the basis of race in allocating benefits under various federal agricultural programs, denying African-American farmers loans and other benefits that were freely granted to similarly situated white farmers."

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Why not $5,000,000 to each person? NO ONE alive today was a slave. They would have to be about 150 years old! Duh!
no they were not part of the problem, nor is the current gov't responsible for what happened in those days
The government has never paid reparations for this.
If you're in the US, you heard wrong about that $50K. Didn't happen.
No they didn't and never will. Nobody living today was ever a slave.
i owe them nothing, but may people do owe them for being robbed, raped, and murdered by them. they can collect on those debts anytime.
I'm pretty sure that exactly ZERO of today's black Americans were slaves in America. They'd have to be over 150 years old to even have been BORN into slavery as it was ending in 1865 with the end of the civil war.

If anybody owes them reparations, it's the Democratic Party – the party of the Confederacy, slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow, lynchings, "Segregation Forever!", etc.

Oh I Got Gambling Money:
Fake News

Conservatives love to pretend this is a hot button issue, when the fact is the closest anyone has come to asking for this is academic scholarships for the descendants of slaves.

The only reparations the government has paid out has been for people deprived of property under illegal measures and who are currently living.

It paid $50k? Yeah right.

Only ones that will be getting that kind of money is rich people in the form of tax breaks…

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