Ways to save money?

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Mia: spend money what you neded and track your expenses where you spent money then reduce your unnecessary spends.

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According to the book – "The Richest Man in Babylon" —the best tip I took from that is to take 10% of everything you make and invest it in assets (never spend it – only invest that 10%)( an asset = makes you money)
…So make sure to grab that first (actually 2nd – I would first also recommend your first 10% to pay tithing/pay God, then the 2nd 10% you make to pay yourself)…
first thing you need to do is calculate how much money you get.

then outgoings that are essential, like bills etc.

keep your money in the bank, do not take your bank card with you when you go anywhere and pay with cash, take a small amount with you so you do not have the option to just spend with a card.

ask yourself, do you really need what it is your buying?
could you get the same thing cheaper?
could you do without it and just save the money??

the problem is a lot of people do not have the ability to say no, they just want things, you really need to change your self to stop buying things you really don't need.

It's hard.

You gotta put it away and not think about it and that ain't easy.

I even resorted to opening a separate savings account at a different bank.

It worked, but it's ongoing. Dip in it, and that's a vicious cycle.

So now I've gotta do it again. 🙁

bury your earnings in the back yard. along with 2 gallons of gasoline.

buy clothes from a 2nd hand store.

eat food from food banks.

cut off all utilities except water.

take the bus to school/work or get a bicycle.

anything else i miss?

Get a library card and spend some months reading learning how
put away everything you dont need to spend
Donald Trump:
Don't buy so many dildos

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