Wells Fargo: Can I deposit coins I bring in a bag to my checking account?

I've read at some places they need to be rolled coins in order to deposit. Is this true, or can I just go to my local Wells Fargo with a bag of mixed coins to deposit into my checking account

Best Answer:

Erik: The thing about rolling coins is no longer true. If you bring in wrapped coins, they'll just break them open and dump the whole thing in a coin-counting machine. There might be a fee for counting coins.

If you want to get 100% value for your coins, take them into Safeway or a similar store with a CoinStar machine. You can get 100% of the value as a gift certificate. An Amazon certificate is almost as good as cash if you use Amazon, anyway.

Choice 2 is to simply spend your change. Each time you make a purchase, take some coins out of your pocket or purse, and use them.

Other answer:

Depends on the bank. My bank (BOA) requires them to be rolled in plain coin wrappers (they used to require the account number). Your bank may be different.
They must be rolled. Or you can get bills for them from a conversion machine.
why not call them and ask?

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