What are some good Money Saving techniques??

Like for example: "Quit smoking cigarettes"!! That saves money!!!

Best Answer:

kevin: Unsubscribe cable or satellite TV, do your own yard work, maintain your car yourself, turn off the lights and things that are not in use, don't run the AC or heat, drive slower to save gasoline, don't buy a new car, get a cheaper cell phone plan, eat at home, etc.

Other answer:

If you're an employee and your company offers a 401K, make sure you're maxing out their contribution. Not only will you be save money, but your company will contribute to your savings too!

Also, take lunch to work instead of eating out.

Keep a journal and write down everything you spend money on for 3 whole months. Then go through and review it and see what you can cut out or places you can make improvements.

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david Techi:
There r a lot of ways to save money , reduce your expenditure only buy something if you really need it if you drink you should reduce it a Lil it will be good for your health too. I guess you are planning for something with the saved money just keep that in mind 👍👍
Equality 7-2521:
There are a lot of them. You can save if you make yourself wait a day or two after you decide you want something before you actually purchase it. Very often the excitement will have worn off by then and you'll have found something entirely different that you just have to have.
save coins
Hmm! Piggy bank?
Act like a mature adult. Practice self-control. Pay yourself first.
put up so many dollars out of every paycheck
stop eating
live on the street

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