What are ways to make 6,000 a month?!?!?

I want to go to this summer camp but I need help into making a money! Please list some ways for a Middle Schooler to make that much money in a month!
No stupid answers! I will be picking the best one!

Best Answer:

SumDude: You do not want a stupid answer … but have you considered the sanity of your question? Your only choices are a parent or grandparent paying the bill.

Other answer:

Look, I hate to break this to you, but you will not make 6,000 a month while in middle school. Most adults with university qualifications make much less than this. As a middle schooler, the only way you could even come close would be drug dealing, and even then you'd need to have so many connections to be able to purchase and sell 6,000 a month worth and I wold not recommend this at all due to the risks.
I dont think its possible. Some grownups dont even make that much in a month. You could try bakesales? Garage sales? You would have to do a lot of them though.
Wayne Z:

That is comparable to a job making $72,000 a year with is more than the average adult makes in the US.

sell your body.. become a prostitute.. or deal drugs.. only things I can think off…

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