What bank is good to open a checking account?

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Anthony: The nice thing about using one of the large, national banks (Wells, Chase, US Bank, Bank of America, etc.) is that you get so much in free "convenience" items right now that you never have to go into a branch again after the account is setup. Presuming you do direct deposit for your payroll, you afterwards have access to…

*24 hour Customer Service/Fraud Prevention
*Large ATM network: often times an in network ATM is no more than 10 miles away
*Free online banking: can pull up your account activity to the second on your phone
*Free Bill Pay: can pay a bill in less than a minute, or also setup auto payments directly
*Remote Deposit: Use your smart phone to deposit a check. May be 50 cents or so per check, but still easier than taking it to a branch.
*Account Alerts: setup to have a text or email sent to you if your account goes below a certain balance for instance.

These have really revolutionized banking, and you get way more value off of these than you would trying to find a smaller community bank that may provide a higher interest rate. Even if a community bank or credit union wants to claim that their customer service is so much better than the larger banks, that doesn't mean anything to me either as I don't need to ever go into a branch again with how easy banking has become.

So if you want to compare banks, look for all of those items free. After that point, you can look at smaller variables like customer service, national reputation, philanthropy, etc.

Hope that helps.

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