What happens if you die with money in your bank account and no family to inherit it?

Best Answer:

conrad: In the UK that is called dying intestate, and the money goes to the government.

Other answer:

you can shall it to anyone you want, if you die without a shall the state eventually gets it (speaking us)
in the US the state the person had the bank account takes the money and is held in an account that is published periodically, or available at any time for anyone who has a claim to that money and can prove it
this even goes to the county level, there are annual lists published of money that is owed to someone who can prove it belongs to them
it goes to the state after a while.
you can leave it to whomever you want to. If not, the state gets it.
Donald B:
In the US it goes to the state.
Kathy S:
It becomes part of your estate. So what you need to do now, is to make a will. Decide who you want to receive your possessions. It could be a church, it could be a charity, it could be someone who was a friend to you.
not bad
Sazzad Rahman:
My account nominee will have those money so no tension.
David Chen:
It gets taken by the bank. Thats my best guess.

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