What happens when you make a check to a grocery store and you find out that your bank account is overdrawn?

I had a deposit going in my bank so I made out a check at the grocery store thinking that I would have enough to cover it. I found out that I didnt even get the deposit i thought I would get. Should I go to the grocery store to pay them for the check? Will I be convicted?

Best Answer:

?: If you just did this, go to the service desk, explain the situation and they will more than likely return the check in trade for cash.

If this happened a couple of days ago but has not posted, go to the bank and deposit the cash to cover the check. Cash should post right away.

If the check has posted, more than likely the grocery store will have a company in place to handle these situations. Like tele-check or check systems. You will not be able to write another check at that or any other store that uses there system until the debt is repaid to them, typically with a fee attached to it.

If they don't use an external check guarantee system, there is a good chance they would just internally ban you from writing checks. In this situation an explanation may go a long way and they very well may un-ban you if you reconcile the debt.

Other answer:

As a rule, criminal charges are not pursued for accidentally bouncing a check. That said, the store will charge a returned check fee to cover the fee their bank charged them for the bounced check. Your bank will probably charge you as well. The sooner you contact the store manager to make good, the less likely anyone will attempt criminal charges.
They will charge you around $50 dollars for the returned check, plus the amount of the check. Go and pay it off at the store as soon as possible.
They come to your house and repossess the groceries (joking). There will be fines and penalties, plus real payment for the groceries. [Get and use a credit card.]
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