What is the best way an 18 year old can make money ? expect for the typical get a job, mow lawns …ect?

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Dereck: At 18 years old, you are an adult and get any job you want and qualify for. Of course, the more talent, skills, education, training, and experience you have, the better the job you can get. The less you have of these qualifications, the more you will be competing with other people with few qualifications, and the fewer the jobs open to you.

Other answer:

Selling mobile phone accessories.
if you don't have any particular skills, you need to get any job that will hire you, get some work experience and eventually pursue a field you do you some affinity for, maybe get some education in that field, there are plenty of programs available to do so
Soccer referee.
es, and there's a good reason why those are the answers you get.
This is an expected question from a 13 year old.
It's understandable coming from them because they are very limited in what they could do for money.
From an 18 year old, it's pathetic.
You don't need to mow lawns.
Go out and get a job.
Sorry, It's really all about getting a job.
I worked in a department store as a clerk.
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