What is the best way to make money $$ at the age of 18?

Looking to make money fast so i can move out of my house asap???

Best Answer:

Michael: NOT happening child.
Local educated adults can explain why locally.
Only place u qualify to move out at 18 is friends couches, other family members, homeless shelter, paid off minivan to live in.
Since u young clueless uninformed uneducated about Reality of moving out, DON'T.
STAY home.
Get employment – u only qualify for minimum wage jobs.
Get saving half ur paycheck weekly.
Get a library card and spend some months reading learning about how to figure out what you want to b when grown-up FIRST.
Local community colleges have programs leading to good paying jobs locally in under two years easily.
Visit the website.
Enjoy living at home.

Other answer:

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Since no one will rent you an apartment without reliable income, what you need is a steady job.
Join the army.
sell blood plasma
go to a sperm bank and sell sperm or eggs
Wayne Z:
Realistically…..there is only one way.


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