What is the best way to save money?

Any tips on saving money?

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WilzKnowsAll: Try to save at least 20% of your monthly income. Prepare a budget for the rest of the amount. As soon as you receive your salary deposit 20% of the amount in your account. Please do not try to spend and save.

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try to saving at least 20% of monthly income.
You save by saving.
determine an amount to set aside from every pay check, and when that no longer becomes hard to do, increase it
don't let it tempt you to use it when there is some accumulation built up, stick to your plan
Stop spending it
1. pay yourself first, have x amount taken right out of your check and put in a bank account where it is not convenient to withdraw. you have to develop self discipline but never getting the money in your check makes it easier.
2. make up a budget, you have fixed expenses that do not change ( rent, car payment, cable, phone) and other that rise and fall with usage( electricity, groceries, gas, clothes) here is where you set a strict budget and meet or beat it. anything less that you spend, you should also bank.
3. Easy ways: coffee and breakfast at home, pack your own lunch, no drive through coffee or food EVER.
no fast foods, or conveneience heat and eat foods. Get a crockpot, make a pot of food that you can have for several days for lunch/ dinner.
open a savings account with your bank
only spend your money on food
Obviously – don't buy stuff you DON'T need. the only problem is that from time to time people are seized by a certainty that they need some CD or Starbuck's coffee.

Saving takes a lot of discipline over time. So think about going really cheap on your food which means you'll be eating real food instead of junk. No more trips to mcdonalds or bugger king. think about Beans and Cabbage and green vegetables and some fruit. It's all cheap. For a $1 you can make enough beans to feed an army.

Instead of one trip to Mcdonalds for junk food, you could get maybe 2 weeks supply of eggs. For meat you can substitute beans – or just cook up a tiny bit of hamburger and add beans to that – chili powders also help.

Get Dr. Furhman's book off of Amazon – "Eat to Live" – and read through that. He speaks about the best diet you can possibly do, and it's pretty cheap.

Bank the rest.

Unfortunately in these weird times, you need to get THOUSANDS of dollars together before you can even think about investing in something like real estate. But keep that in mind as a goal.

Only spend your money on food
i just spend mine because if i've spend it then i caNT SPENT IT

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